Latest Research and Development in Autodidactic AIs

At Phoenix Coretech we research and develop AIs with cognitive plasticity and ability to off-load tasks to dynamic self-organized, and adaptive processors – solving the world’s problems one step at a time using:

  • robotic teleoperation – human and/or robot to robot command
  • proprietary RAID technology – Remote AI Dialogue – robot to robot networking
  • psychometric big data – aiding in predictive human behavior model
  • proprietary mirror neurons wave technology – human to robot perceptive communication

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Success in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry requires a balance of optimism and realism, action and patience, confidence and restraint. At Phoenix Coretech we harness the power of data and analytics to better balance transportation supply and demand, and increased efficiency.



AI is strategically valuable—that is, of consequential value beyond its immediate applications—because it is a general-purpose technology, a dual-use technology, and a novel form of intelligence that can be difficult to under-stand and control. At Phoenix Coretech we focus on developing big data psychometric models as well extrinsic networking to solve the profound global coordination and cooperation challenge.

Food Production

Food production

Our vision is a new generation of intelligent, flexible, robust, compliant, interconnected robotic and autonomous systems that work seamlessly in farms and food factory solutions, soft robotic grasping technologies and sensors with their human co-workers. Multi-modal, interoperable robotic systems teams will organize themselves and coordinate their work with “human in the loop.”  Read more…

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